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pest audit Inspection Pest Audit Inspections
clearance Clearance of rubbish
carcass removal Clearance of bio-hazardous materials, such as bird droppings, old nests and carcases
consultations Consultations on all manner of pest problems
Installation Proofing of buildings against insects, rodents and birds
Installation Installation and Maintenance of Flying Insect Control units


About Us

RPC Pest Control is a customer orientated business dedicated to removing pests from homes and businesses in Kent – we have been doing so for many years.

Our continued growth owes much to our ability to work efficiently to remove your infestation using the latest techniques and environmentally friendly chemicals whenever possible.

  • We respond quickly to calls and offer an on the spot quotation when you call in the majority of cases.

  • You benefit from a competitive fast and professional service designed to remove the problem fast and a thorough survey to make sure is does not return.

  • Much of the advice we give is free and is given when we work on your pest infestation.

  • RPC has qualified experienced staff that are both friendly and efficient. We work discreetly and quickly in sensitive areas.

It is always best to contact the professionals who can deal with infestations in the correct way, as some creatures are protected species and not considered pests.

If you want a one off solution or a planned maintenance solution that is competitively priced contact us today.



Wasps & Hornets have a potentially fatal sting

We Promise:

  • Fast Call Out Times
  • Competitive Prices
  • Smart Solutions
  • Friendly Help & Advice
  • Preventative Measures

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