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clearance Clearance of rubbish
carcass removal Clearance of bio-hazardous materials, such as bird droppings, old nests and carcases
consultations Consultations on all manner of pest problems
Installation Proofing of buildings against insects, rodents and birds
Installation Installation and Maintenance of Flying Insect Control units

Commercial Pest Control with RPC Pest Control

Pests are smart but we are definitely smarter!

RPC pest control offers a number of professional services for every type and size of commercial or business operation.

We provide one off and planned preventative maintenance services designed to either sort out an existing problem quickly and prevent it ever coming back or making sure the problem never occurs in the first place with our respected maintenance solutions.

RPC offers its services to any business from a food processing plant or for a small restaurant to a large head office and everything in between in Kent.

All it takes is one pest sighting to ruin the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

What do you need right now?

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Summary of services and benefits of using RPC Pest Control
We immediately eradicate most pests immediately, the rest may take a little longer but we do get rid of any pests you may have. We provide one of quick fix solutions as well as a thorough inspection of your premises to develop an effective solution to any pests you have or may have in the future.

clearance We design a service treatment geared to be pro-active, not  re-active
clearance We continually monitor our progress.
clearance We document everything we do, so you have complete accurate records.
clearance We stay on top of changing regulations, so you can concentrate on running your business.
clearance We keep you informed.

Just a few examples of the differing pest control needs of some of the business we look after:

Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries and Health Care Facilities have a complex environment and pest activity in sensitive areas can have a profound impact on residents health and well being. Mutual understanding of the goals and limitations of any treatment are important to its effectiveness.

Insect control requires the use of pheromone traps and EFKs, also preventative application of insecticide. Rodent control will include regular inspections for activity, replenishment of baits. Sealing or caulking of possible entrance holes will be included.

Property Management
In property management, you deal with two kinds of tenants - Human and pests!
Whilst we are happy to leave the former to you, we’re confident that you’ll be happy leaving the latter to us. At RPC pest control, we have the specialists, the programmes and the experience to keep your properties pest free..

Reduced Risks
We utilise the most effective methods available to prevent and eliminate pest problems in your facility. The industry term is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – you can think of as peace of mind.


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