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Latin Name: Vulpes vulpes

Months of Activity: January - December

Once only to be seen in the country, foxes are now well adapted to living in an urban environment. Rurally, the fox remains a pest to the farmer but in the towns has become a pest of the gardener and householder.

Hunting for rabbits has been substituted for scavenging in bin bags, and foxes will quite happily dig up your garden in search for earthworms and grubs. Although not a direct threat to you or your pets, foxes often carry fleas and can easily pass on diseases such as distemper, mange and scabies.

Appearance: Adult foxes are red / brown in colour, the male is usually larger than the female and can weigh up to 7kg.

Lifecycle The fox's life cycle commences in January with its mating season. At this time complaints from its screaming at night reaches its peak. March is when the cubs are born and by April the cubs first emerge from an earth. By August, the cubs are able to forage for themselves and by the end of September they have grown so as to be indistinguishable from the adult.

In November and December there are increases in fox fighting and defending of their territory as the next mating season approaches.

Pest Control: Foxes will scavenge food, so domestic food waste should not be easily available. Bin bags and waste should be stored in a suitable receptacle to block easy access; access to areas containing food and pet food should also be blocked. Ensure overgrown areas and accumulations of rubbish and rubble do not build up, as this will encourage foxes to stay in your garden. To stop access to your garden secure fencing and block any gap


Wasps & Hornets have a potentially fatal sting

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